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Books, Videos and Tools

The following library is provided as a clearing list of items available for borrowing or renting. Call the people below to make arrangements (possible deposit required).

Email us your list of items you would like to share for posting

Ry Keller 837-1379


  1. Microsoft Flight simulator as a training aid (book and cdrom)

  2. voyager flight software system (uses gps and moving maps)

  3. instrument rating airplane course for computers

  4. commercial pilot airplane course for computers

  5. runway safety dvd

  6. many issues of Water flying, Aviation safety, Kit Plane and AOPA Flight Training magazines

  7. Your Pilot's License by Jerry A. Eichenberger (a how to book)

  8. Challenger LSA promotional video

  9. FlyBoys Blu-ray Disc

  10. Managing The Unexpected by Karl E. Weick and Kathleen M. Sutcliffe

  11. Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales. In paper back and Audio Bood Cd's

Virgil Holt 889-3585

I have a lot of fixtures [ homemade ] and other building aids I used to build a RV-6. I also have a few aids I used to build a Kitfox. If you know of anyone who might use these I would be happy to donate them at no cost.  They would save a lot of time in the building process. I'm in Eureka; Phone 406/297-7715, Fax 406/889-3585, PO Box 2013 59917.